A little bit more about me

I am from a small city Frýdek which is in the Czech Republic also known as Czechia. I studied at "Prague College" in Prague. I mostly work with vector, photos, mass text, 3D, 3D animation, motion graphics, videos and I also started exploring sound and video games. I currently work as a professional graphic designer, 3D animator, video editor (full time).


More about my current work and experience

As I previously mentioned, I work as a professional graphic designer, 3D animator an video editor for Czech energy company Solidsun s.r.o. which focuses on alternative and ecological power sources and new technological solutions for people. My task is to create new ideas, designs, promotions, banners, all prints, car wraps design and physical sticking, videos, 3D visualizations, banners, webs and much more by using many different and tools and solutions.

Other interests

I am also interested in many different sports such as gym, downhill cycling, free-diving,, skying, roller skating, box and much more. I used to be an ice hockey player. I love nature, but also on the other hand I am really interested in digital world which has influence on my work.


More about my education

I studied high school "Ave Art Ostrava". I studied graphic design there and I also graduated from it (High School diploma). After high school I studied "Prague College" which is British university in Prague where I graduated and achieved Bachelor degree.